Diets: Muscle Development Diet

Aimed kilo: To accelerate development of the muscles
Aimed calorie: 2500 Kcal
A diet that includes rich protein and carbohydrate and that can be applied by persons who deal sports or sportsmen who deal muscle development.

Daily Menus
During 7 day
Morning: 1 glass of milk , 3 egg white, a little cheese as a matchbox, 1 bowl yogurt, 1 handful dried fruit/nuts, oat. Tea, coffee or fruit juice.
Noon: 1 - 2 portion hen, fish or red meat, 1 portion macaroni/rice/pastry, buttermilk, green salad, sweet, fruit.
Mid-afternoon: 1 bowl yogurt or a glass of milk, a turkey, tunny or hen sandwich.
Evening: 1-2 portion vegetable, 1 portion gill meat, fruit.
Night: Honeyed, banana milk.

Daily menu in this dist is same during diet time.