Diets: High Protein Diet

Aimed kilo: in 1 week 3-4 kilo
Aimed calorie: 900 Kcal
Because of this diet include rich protein, it is suggested that you must not apply more than 1 week. It may be harmful if it is applied more than 1 week. You can apply with 2 weeks intervals after 1 week applying.

Daily Menus
During 7 Day
Morning: A dish natural yogurt/or, 200-250 ml milk /or 100 g without fat soft white cheese/or 2 part ham, 1 item fruit (without fruit juice), sweetener tea or coffee
Noon: 150 g meat or 200 g fish without fat fish or 4 parts baked ham, or 2 items boiled egg, 200 g vegetable meal, Green salad, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber (with 1 tea spoon olive oil)
Evening: 150 g meat or (1-2 parts cool meat) 200 g steamed fish or 3-4 parts salmon fume 200 g boiled vegetable; (eggplant, mushroom, celery, green or red pepper, squash, spinach, asparagus)

Daily menu in this dist is same during diet time.